About Roar : – Professional fighters, combat sports enthusiasts, sports business stalwarts, passionate visionaries who came together to bring change in India non Olympic sports, specifically Indian combat sports.
We aim to build the martial arts industry in India to such heights that it not only nurture a talented fighters but also gives work opportunity and a chance to live a better life and make India stand out globally when it comes to sports, especially combat sports.
In order to achieve our vision, we have three projects, namely

With a view to target those fascinated by combat sports in every level of expertise  and field of interest.


An old dream one of making India a home to some of the world’s most respectable and courageous warriors has been given a new lease of life.
One of the co-founders, Mr. Hemanth Kumar, has been successful in creating the perfect launchpad required for this dream to take off.

The new venture, ROAR CHAMPIONSHIP, looks to give wings to the same with the help of experts in this field, Our mission is to stand with and nurture those millions of Indians who have dreamt of stepping into the league of the world’s greatest fighters.

The promising young warriors who’ve dreamt of making their nation proud, of making their parents proud will be setting
a new benchmark with bringing about a change in the society towards non-Olympic sports as a possible career option.


Golden Mongkhon is a brand of Roar Roar Championship, which is the brand of all our National level Amatuer & Pro-Amatuer championship for the sport of Muay Thai. Click Here to register as a fighter.


It started in 2010 we were known as X M A (Xtreme MuayThai Academy) our were first edition was called art exchange program as Muay Thai was not that well known to India we started this to introduce Muay Thai to all other clubs, later we named it ClubWars and went on doing around 10+ events till 2015,
Now we are bringing back this Name & its legacy back to make the next level change in Combat Sport as it did years back
ClubWars is a Brand that represents our Club level event which will by in Amature level only as it is the platform for the novice to start the combat sports safe and shape & build their Fighters carrier fast & Safe.

National Level medalist are strictly not allowed take part in this event Click Here to register.