Professional fighters, combat sports enthusiasts, sports business stalwarts, passionate visionaries who came together to bring change in India, specifically Indian combat sports. We aim to build the martial arts industry in India to such heights that it not only gives hope to talented fighters but also gives many other Indians a work opportunity and a chance to live a better life and make India stand out globally when it comes to sports, especially combat sports.

In order to achieve our vision, we have taken up three projects, namely “Roar Kombat League Contenders”, “Roar Kombat League”, “Roar Fit Games” & “Roar Combat Fitness”, with a view to target those fascinated by combat sports in every level of expertise and field of interest.


ROAR KOMBAT LEAGUE – CONTENDERS is an amateur combat sports championship that takes place across India, covering the disciplines of Muay Thai, grappling and MMA. This platform is mainly created to help new fighters have a safe and competitive environment to display their fighting skills, and to scout new talents and encourage them to take up the sport professionally.


An old dream, one of making India a home to some of the world’s most respectable and courageous warriors has been given a new lease of life. One of the co-founders, Mr. Hemanth Kumar, has been successful in creating the perfect launchpad required for this dream to take off.

The new venture, ROAR KOMBAT LEAGUE, looks to give wings to the dream of old, with the help of experts in this field, who are all motivated in putting India on the world map of Muay Thai. For details, kindly READ MORE.


Combat fitness, as defined in Roar terms is a carefully crafted cocktail of various martial arts techniques, strength training, endurance training, conditioning work and thorough and elaborate flexibility and mobility routines, with a view to provide the trainees with a good physique, as well as a martial-arts-derived discipline and level head.

This is accompanied by the camaraderie and friendships made along the journey, ensuring that the overall experience is not only helpful but also enriching.


We train individuals to compete in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS (MMA), Muay Thai as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) & JUDO competitions. Our goal is to provide every fighter the knowledge they need to step into the ring & win the game.