Do you think self-defence is?
a) Learning Karate kicks & chops
b) Kicking in the balls and shouting for help?
c) Making loud noise that shocks your opponent?
d) Did you saw Akshay Kumar’s self Defence video him teaching to poking an eye with two fingers and believed it works?

YOU ARE WRONG none of them works in really life the way it promises, it’s time for to learn a real self Defence from a really martial artist who have been in the real fighters in RING & CAGE and have trained, worked and helped the real life fighters like Civil & Reserve Police,

Don’t be another person who believed in fancy movies that have been seen in videos or read or have been trained once, if you’re serious about your safety and your loved once it is the chance for you guys to do take up lessons from former Pro fighter, Trainer Mr. Hemanth Kumar

What to expect from this Workshop
1. True meaning & Practical use of Self Defence terms & methods
2. Limitations of body & mental strength
3. 5 useful weapons that will save your life on using it the right way
4. Practical application of learned weapons
5. Tips to handle Bigger & Stronger opponent
6. Situation handling drills
7. Martial arts techniques to keep threat away & to avoid fights
8. Tips to practise the techniques that have been learned in the workshop with your family / Friends to get a best use of it when it’s needed

What we expect from you
1. An empty cup
2. Fitness outfit that you feel comfortable in
3. Trimmed Nails and Mature behavior with the fellow candidates / Participants

Meet Coach Mr. Hemanth Kumar (aka Boke)

Date : – 25th – Augst – 2019
Time : – 8:30am to 10:30am
Workshop Registration fees : – 1,000 rs only

The Sports Habitat – South School
48, 6th cross, Dr. Vivekananda Layout, Layout, Sankranthi, Santrupthi Nagar, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

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