Is an interval training perfectly balanced with free weight training, Judo and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) techniques. This program challenges your muscle strength, coordination and flexibility.

A 45min JU-BJ program would help you burn up to 700 Clr

Take away: Muscle building, strength, flexibility, coordination builder, confidence booster.

What to Bring?

Bare footed, Judo dress or BJJ dress, Gum shield, CrossFit Gloves


MMA for Fitness is the program you all need. It is the perfect balance of strength training, cardio training and martial skill training that keeps you and your family safe on street when required. We have designed this program after deep study on the current lifestyle of individuals.

Our program consists of five different routines from Monday through Friday of every week to train ourselves in the best of everything.

A. JU-BJ  

B. Kickit  

C. Pound Drill  

D. Old School

E. BoxFit


Kickboxing coupled with body weight training helps in gaining agility and eye-body coordination while increasing body balance. Kick boxing with Calisthenic exercises is the perfect combination to make someone combat ready.

A 45min KickIt program would help you burn up to 900 Clr

Take Away: Strength, Coordination, endurance and stamina.

What to Bring?

Bare footed, Muay Thai Shorts, Muay Thai / Boxing Gloves, Handwraps, Gum shield, CrossFit Gloves


This MMA routine is designed to provide a psychological upper hand over opponents. An extreme level of adrenaline booster, it will motivate you and train you fully on how to survive during ground fights, and the modified fitness routine will make you make you functionally fit. This has been perfectly curated to help in self-defence.

A 45min Ground & Pound program would help you burn up to 700 Clr

Take Away: Stress buster, confidence booster, strength, endurance and combat ready.

What to Bring?

Bare footed, MMA Shorts, MMA Gloves, Handwraps, Gum shield,

OLD SCHOOL                                            

This technique has been a part of the martial arts routine for hundreds of years. Animal movements have been inculcated to increase strength and mobility. You’ve probably seen these in the older Chinese and Japanese movies. This will include technically corrected and modified routines which will challenge you to your limits.

A 45mins Old School program can easily burn up to 900 Cal

Take away: Lean body, mobility, endurance booster, better body posture, and strength building.

What to Bring?
Bare footed or minimalist shoes, CrossFit gloves, gum shields, fitness attire


The routine is strength training. A modified boxing routine and crossfit exercises will help build strength and quicker reflexes to keep you street ready and on your feet.

A 45min BoxFit program would help you burn up to 700 Clr

Take Away: Strength, lean body, Agility, Combat Ready and street ready.

What to Bring?
Bare footed, MuayThai Shorts, Muay Thai / Boxing Gloves, Hand wraps, Gum shield, CrossFit Gloves