Muay Thai fighters training at Roar Combat Fitness is meant for people who want to become professional Fighters or want to own a Muay Thai and MMA clubs in future. Roar offers an exclusive opportunity to all the individuals who aspire to learn the art. The program offers authentic Muay Thai of Thai standards and generally lasts for 8 months, during which you will be trained to amateur fight standards and will be offered 5 fights to learn and showcase your potential. Based on the performance of these fights you will be trained and promoted to the next levels.

The team that pioneered in promoting and training Muay Thai in Bengaluru since 2010 is now a part of RoarCF. With this level of expertise, we ensure that every individual is guided in the right path avoiding pitfalls to become a successful professional fighter.

Here also, our interaction with international and national bodies will ensure you get a fair chance to test your MuayThai and Kick boxing skills on a very high platform.

What to Bring?

Bare footed, Muay Thai shorts, Hand wraps, Muay Thai Gloves, gum shield, Shin Guard, Head Guard, groin guard, Combat sport ankle grips / Muay Thai Ankle grip.