Expect the unexpected with our Fighter only training classes, our Muay Thai, MMA fighters training program is designed to create a professional fighter within a 6 months of training,

Also help a struggling MMA fighter to improve his/her stand up fighting within a 3months of training which will be the game changing program for an aspiring fighters.

A professional Fighter Training timing have been scheduled twice a day morning 9am to 12pm at our Roar Combat Fitness Gottigere branch.

Reach us now and sign up for our fighters program.

Who is eligible to Join Fighter batch?
The Muay Thai fighters training program is only for athletes who have already completed basic and intermediate Muay Thai training. The program is designed for those who have competed in Muay Thai before.

How long does it take me to fight?
Those with previous fight experience can expect to fight in the pro ranks by the end of the 4th month, while others may be given a chance to fight by the end of the 4th month depending on their skill level.

What is the fee structure?
Fees for 3 months of training is 25,000 rupees, and per session is 500 rupees.