The team that pioneered in Muay Thai training & promoting in country, Bengaluru since 2010 is now a part of Roar C F. With this level of expertise, we ensure that every individual is guided in the right path avoiding pitfalls to become a successful professional fighter.

Our success stories says it all, Roar C F is not only having a reputation of creating a good fighter who dominated the sports, it’s also known for helping people to live a healthy life with a positive attitude.


1. Who can learn Muay Thai?
Ans:. Any one who 8 years old are eligible to learn Muay Thai.

2. How long it takes to become a Fighter?
Ans:. Really depends on how quick you pick the skills, however based on our experience we say you can start competing in club level fights with in 6 to 8 months times, once again it all depends on how dedicated & fast learner you are.

3. Is there a personal training provided?
Ans:. Yes you can talk to our instructor on this.