FITNESS – The term itself defines the way of life, it’s never about only one thing, losing WEIGHT or Gaining Muscles, it’s amalgamation of many things, structurally put together. Fitness is about being your personal best, competing with yourself and beating your own records over and over again.
ROAR Combat Fitness, asses and understand the needs and Fitness goals of our clients. We train them inline with their Fitness goals and make sure they accomplish their goals.
ROAR Combat Fitness, in association with Power Blitz gym is proud to present 5K marathon.
Completing in a marathon and completing the trail without a stop is a dream to many. We offer periodized workouts to marathon aspirants. Ideal period of training required for a marathon training is between 12-16 weeks. we train them with new training routines and methods for 12-16 weeks and make them live their dream.
Whether a novice or a seasoned runner, we have got new training for all.
Come take part in this marathon and assess your own fitness level. Winners are awarded with a bicycle. Hurry up !!!!