Self defense training in Dayananda Sagar Business Academy

Self- defense teaches you to protect your self from any tricky situation and helps you stay on the streets. Knowledge of self-defense in some situations can mean the difference between life and death. In today’s dangerous and chaotic world, it is critical for an individual to walk with confidence and knowledge of self-protection

At ROAR, our Self-Defense Program is designed for real life encounters. Our instructors are ring-proven and with immense knowledge about different kinds of threats on streets. Our programs are well designed to help you get out of threatening situations safely.

We train you to stay alert at all points of time, to think and react quickly, self-defense prepares you for real life situations, so you can neutralize all kind threats. Our program is an amalgamation of different martial arts, and will help you in fighting back.

We at ROAR, encourage every individual to take up self defense, as threat can be faced both by men and women. We conduct workshops at schools, colleges and different corporate companies based on their customized needs.

Our in-house fighter Mr. Syed Sulaiman conducted a self-defense workshop in Dayanand Sagar Business Academy. It was our pleasure to educate this young group of enthusiastic girls.

We encourage more and more educational institutions to empower their students not just with academic knowledge, but also knowledge to protect themselves in all kind of situations.

Always striving towards, keeping YOU safe.

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