An old dream one of making India a home to some of the world’s most respectable and courageous warriors has been given a new lease of life.
One of the co-founders, Mr. Hemanth Kumar, has been successful in creating the perfect launchpad required for this dream to take off.
The new venture, ROAR CHAMPIONSHIP, looks to give wings to the same with the help of experts in this field,  

Our mission is to stand with and nurture those millions of Indians who have dreamt of stepping into the league of the world’s greatest fighters.
The promising young warriors who’ve dreamt of making their nation proud, of making their parents proud will be setting
a new benchmark with bringing about a change in the society towards non-Olympic sports as a possible career option. 

On this note, here’s some good news: ROAR CHAMPIONSHIP is all set to make history in India’s non-Olympic sports category.
We have chosen to promote Muay Thai by hosting the country’s first ever Professional Muay Thai Fights by building INDIA’s first MUAY THAI STADIUM in Bengaluru. Roar Championship