Roar Championship – A Dream Project to promote Professional Muay Thai sport and to create a Combat entertainment industry in INDIA. After successfully hosting XMC Prelims Fight Night on 20th Jan 2018 in Bengaluru, now starting Roar Championship – Muay Thai League season 1, on March 2020, scheduled to happen on every Saturday. Fighters from various styles like Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wushu and Karate backgrounds are eligible to send their profile.

Muay Thai Weight Categories


Note : – To keep the standards & the title reputation any category with less than 4 fighters will be canceled, Fighters needs to move up to next category or down to compete, 

Fight Duration

Qualification to semifinals bout round timings are: –          3 min of 3 rounds with 60 seconds break in between
Final bout round timings are: –                                             3 min of 5 rounds with 90 seconds break in between

1. Knockout
2. Decision
3. Technical knockout by referee/Doctor stoppage
4. Athlete’s corner man requesting a stoppage by throwing towel

Legal Target Areas
All kind, a body, Head, leg kicks are allowed
All Kind, a body, Head, Punches are allowed
All Kind, a body, Head, leg, elbows are allowed
All Kind, a body, Head, leg knee are allowed
Clinching, sweeps and take downs are allowed (if both the fighters are fall together it will not be counted)


01. Attack to the throat, Back of the head, Spine, Groin,
02. Attack with the head-buts.
03. Turn one’s back to the opponent, run away, fall down.
04. Attack an opponent who is caught between the ropes.
05. Holding rope.
06. Attack the opponent who is fallen on the floor; that is, as soon as one hand or knee touches the floor.
07. Continuing after the command “Yuth” “stop” or “break” or end of the round has been announced.
08. To oil the body to spit out or drop the mouth-guard voluntarily or repeatedly.
09. Ground Attacks are strictly prohibited.
10. Stomps to the head or body of a downed fighter can lead to negative points or disqualification (judges decide by majority decision).
11. Unsportsmanlike conduct.
12. Violations of the rules and regulations may, depending on how grave they are, lead to warnings, negative points or even disqualification.
13. Swinging a hand to referee will mention this for the first time if repeated behavior referee shall declare other fighter winner or no competition.
14. Chocking


1. Using rope in clinch to dominate or to control.
2. Biting, pressing or poking the eyes, spitting onto the opponent or Referee or use of abusive words, head butting or purposely striking the opponent during ‘STOP’ order time by the Referee.
3. Striking referee while stopping and separating a clinch.
4. Inactive clinch for 10 sec (referee will break the clinch and restart the fight).
5. No judo or wrestling throws such as hip throws, shoulder throws or falling with the fighter.
6. No Slams.