For years, the brains behind Roar Combat Fitness have been responsible for producing promising fighters and excellent technical teams to represent the country on the international platform.

Now, we have joined hands to bridge the gap between martial arts and fitness to give people the confidence required to face any challenge with ease.
Being fit helps in dealing with daily challenges but is that all we want? Not only must we deal with challenges, we must also be able to fight back effectively.


MMA for Fitness is a program that is birthed by  this very vision. It is a hybridization of Mixed Martial Arts drills and fitness formats based on body weight training, strength & conditioning and free weights training.


It is important to test yourself time and again. Not only does it  boost your confidence, it also helps you retain your motivation and keep yourself on track.

You can visit our events page to know what and when the next challenge is.


We train individuals to compete in MMA & Muay Thai as well as BJJ & Judo competitions. Our goal is to provide every fighter with the knowledge they need to step into the ring and win the game.

Our Vision
    • To make every child, adolescent and adult, young and old alike, fit from head to toe.
    • Train each of them to be combat ready.
    • To help people adapt martial arts philosophies into their everyday lives to make them confident and challenge-ready individuals.
    • To produce more fighters for the country.