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MMA Fighters

In this program, striking / stand up fighting is taught on MUAY THAI discipline along with JUDO, Submission and BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) to make you a complete MMA fighters our instructors trained certified and fighters by themselves, Our interaction with […]

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Strength & Conditioning

Apart from our MMA for Fitness training, our other main training program is Strength & Conditioning / CrossFit classes. It is a high intensity fitness routine based on functional movement, drawing on categories and exercises such as Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, […]

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Is an interval training perfectly balanced with free weight training, Judo and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) techniques. This program challenges your muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. A 45min JU-BJ program would help you burn up to 700 Clr Take away: Muscle […]

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About Roarcf

For years, the brains behind Roar Combat Fitness have been responsible for producing promising fighters and excellent technical teams to represent the country on the international platform.

Making Excuses burns ZERO calories per hour!


What is roarfit?

RoarFit is a hybrid fitness program balanced with CrossFit , Calisthenics and Mixed Martial Arts training methods.

Is RoarFit program has sparring/fight training?

There is no sparring or fight training happening in RoarFit Program as it’s designed for Martial art enthusiasts and for the fitness enthusiasts who are not really into gym concept. NOT for Fighters.

can I build muscles in RoarFit Program?

what do you mean by Building muscles? Bodybuilding like Arnold? Then no, if you mean losing fat weight and building enough muscles to live active strong daily and athletic life? Oh YES….

is there only strength and conditioning program ?

yes we have it all our centres. You can train specifically in strength and conditioning.

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  • knowledge & techniques imparted by you has been positively received by our students. We believe this will help our children who are from the surroundings of Roopena Agrahara. They will make best use of it as they are under constant […]

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Our Team

Arpita Das

24 years old, Judo brown belt got over 40 fights records with a 5 years of teaching experience

Bapi Malakar

22 years old, Judo Brown belt over 30 fights with 4years teaching

Hemanth Kumar

32 years old, Pro MuayThai 3-1-0 Pro MMA 1-0-0 with 15+ years of teaching experience www.hemanthboke.com

Healthy mind + Healthy body + Indomitable spirit = ROAR CF

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