Both me and my daughter attend the Muay Thai sessions at Roar. The coach is very well informed, knowledgeable and well experienced. Many fighters who have trained at Roar have gone on to win accolades at various tournaments. Equal impetus is given to both skill and fitness.

Prabhath M Gopal

I always look forward to attend training everyday. It gives me chance to push my limits and test my abilities. The ambience created it very sportive . Every Saturday we have team activities. The training is very organized and most importantly safety is given high priority. Hygiene is well maintained. Coach Hemanth identifies individual potentials and strengths accurately and guides accordingly. He makes it fun to learn yet makes sure disciplines are followed. Constant motivation and support. It also boosts overall confidence. The training makes my everyday much more productive.


It’s been great joining Muay Thai and getting training and guided under Hemanth coach. I have improved in many ways and I have become the better version of myself as a person. All thanks to our coach, he’s been a great support to all his students.

Keerthana J

I recently joined for MMA here and it has been a really great experience. Coach Hemanth personally looks into our training, and teaches in a very easy to grasp way. He makes sure that we not only understand but also implement the techniques in the best way possible. The environment too is very positive, makes you want to push yourself and not give up! The best MMA classes for real!

Riddhi Kasar

I’ve just recently joined here for MMA and by far it’s been an amazing experience. It’s a really positive environment here and everyone is really friendly. Moreover I got the privilege to train under Coach Hemanth who always makes you feel motivated. He gives individual attention to everyone and will always help you push yourself and bring out your best. I had joined initially just for learning this as a mode of self defence, but cuz of Coach’s training I’ve gotten a whole different admiration for this sport 🙂 Under Coach Hemanth’s training you’ll start feeling limitless! I honestly don’t ever feel like missing any classes here, rain or shine! 🙃 For real the BEST MMA coaching in Bangalore!

Siddhi Kasar

Engaging in MMA is an exciting and demanding adventure for me personally. And with that I have the privilege of training under Coach Hemanth, who embodies exceptional professionalism and unwavering patience. He takes a genuine interest in our development, ensuring that we master every aspect of the discipline. Coach Hemanth not only pushes us to improve ourselves but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, encouraging us to support and uplift one another. This aspect of our training has become one of the most significant reasons why I thoroughly enjoy my training. The camaraderie and collective growth we experience as a team are truly invaluable. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a remarkable coach who not only focuses on individual progress but also fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among us.

Tanya Chanchalani

One of the best muaythai training in Bangalore. The onus is put on being a competitive fighter right from the first class itself, the classes are engaging and always pushes your limit. Kru Hemant not only coaches you to be a competent fighter but also builds that warrior mindset.

Arjun Raja

Roar Combat is the best place for anyone looking to get into martial arts, or just to improve their fitness. The coaches here are the best in their fields and they constantly push each and everyone to their full potential. They explain each technique to use, make us understand why we do certain things and that has really helped me get better. Rather than just blindly following, understanding each aspect really put some perspective into what we do. Best part about Roar Combat is that we get to meet, train and learn from the best of the best, National and World champions even! I don’t think any other experience could top that. We also get a lot of opportunities to compete as well, and that has been a great learning experience for me.

Neha NK


Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar Head Coach
Co-Founder of Roar Combat Fitness
Muay Thai
Karan N
Karan Assistance Muay Thai Coach
Trained under Coach Hemanth Kumar
Muay Thai
Kannappa Judo Coach
Black Belt from SAI
Muay Thai



AWARDS 2points
International Fighters 4points
National Fighters 19points
Club & State level Fighters 29points

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