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Fighters Training
Fighters Training

Expect the unexpected with our Fighter only training classes, our Muay Thai, MMA fighters training program is designed to create a professional fighter within a 6 months of training, Also help a struggling MMA fighter to improve his/her stand up […]

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Adults Martial Arts Training
Adults Martial Arts Training

Train Like a professional fighter, feel the adrenaline rush of a fighter improve your Cardiovascular health, Build strength & condition your body, upgrade your fighting skills every day with our Adults Martial Arts Training program, […]

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Kids Martial Arts Classes
Kids Martial Arts Classes

Set your kids’ up for success with a healthy foundation. Designed to build strong athletic, self confidence, motivational skills making them street smart & to overcome their fear & anxiety can all happen in Our Kids Martial arts Classes. Our […]

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About US

About Roar : - Professional fighters, combat sports enthusiasts, sports business stalwarts, passionate visionaries who came together to bring change in India non Olympic sports, specifically Indian combat sports.
We aim to build the martial arts industry in India to such heights that it not only nurture a talented fighters but also gives work opportunity and a chance to live a better life and make India stand out globally when it comes to sports, especially combat sports.
In order to achieve our vision, we have three projects, namely

Roar Championship

Roar Championship is a platform for those fighters who have been working towards their dream of becoming a professional fighter in Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Our BEST OF 4 Muay Thai & MMA league is designed to […]

Train Like a FIGHTER Live Like a SAINT


Roar Combat Fitness

Our training programs offer a well rounded balance of strength, agility, mobility & skill training in order for you to become a professional fighter or achieve any fitness goals.
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Difference between Roar Championship and Roar Combat Fitness

Difference between Roar Championship and Roar Combat Fitness is that “Roar Championship” represents our fighting promotion brands, “Roar Combat Fitness” represents our Training centers, we also host 3 levels of events “Club Wars” for amateurs & those who are new […]

Which all fighting styles ROAR host events in?

We host fights in Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Grappling / BJJ Styles, It is recommended to follow our social media pages for events, dates, style and level details.

Can i take part in Fights?

Yes, anyone who is trained & feels ready to test his/her skill can take part in our events, However it is highly recommended start with our Club Wars, Nationals & then you can take part in our Pro event, You […]

Where are your branches? any eligibility criteria?

We are in two different locations, Bannerghatta road Bengaluru & Kathriguppe circle Bengaluru, full address is mentioned in footer of this website, Age 7 years old & above, Passion, Commitment & Patience,

How many months training it takes to become a fighter?

It totally depends on individual ability, however an average of 6 – 8 months training is needed to start fighting Club level & based on the performance your fighting carrier can be planned. 

Opening Hours

  • Monday6am to 9am & 5pm to 9pm
  • Tuesday6am to 9am & 5pm to 9pm
  • Wednesday6am to 9am & 5pm to 9pm
  • Thursday6am to 9am & 5pm to 9pm
  • Friday6am to 9am & 5pm to 9pm
  • Saturday6am to 9am & 5pm to 8pm



Our Trainers

Umar Ali

Umar Ali

Striking Coach



Judo Black Belt

Babit Kharsahnoh

Babit Kharsahnoh

22 years old, Pro MuayThai 1-0-0, 8times Kick Boxing champion, Amateur MMA 2-0-0


  • Arjun Raja

    One of the best Muay Thai training in Bangalore.
    The onus is put on being a competitive fighter right from the first class itself, the classes are engaging and always pushes your limit. Kru Hemant not only coaches you to be a competent fighter but also builds that warrior mindset.

    Arjun Raja
  • Prabhath M Gopal

    Both me and my daughter attend the Muay Thai sessions at Roar. The coach is very well informed, knowledgeable and well experienced. Many fighters who have trained at Roar have gone on to win accolades at various tournaments. Equal impetus is given to both skill and fitness.

    Prabhath M Gopal
  • Neha NK

    Roar Combat is the best place for anyone looking to get into martial arts, or just to improve their fitness. The coaches here are the best in their fields and they constantly push each and everyone to their full potential. They explain each technique to use, make us understand why we do certain things and that has really helped me get better. Rather than just blindly following, understanding each aspect really put some perspective into what we do. Best part about Roar Combat is that we get to meet, train and learn from the best of the best, National and World champions even! I don’t think any other experience could top that.
    We also get a lot of opportunities to compete as well, and that has been a great learning experience for me.

    Neha NK
  • Amogh Hebbar

    Extremely professional and fun set up for new students to learn Muay Thai. I started about 9 months back and have enjoyed the process throughout due to the apt balance of intensity and enjoyment. The martial art is taught in a very detailed manner with an emphasis on technique and overall fitness.

    Amogh Hebbar
  • Keerthana J

    It’s been great joining Muay Thai and getting training and guided under Hemanth coach. I have improved in many ways and I have become the better version of myself as a person. All thanks to our coach, he’s been a great support to all his students.

    Keerthana J
  • Mandhiraa

    I always look forward to attend training everyday. It gives me chance to push my limits and test my abilities. The ambience created it very sportive . Every Saturday we have team activities. The training is very organized and most importantly safety is given high priority. Hygiene is well maintained. Coach Hemanth identifies individual potentials and strengths accurately and guides accordingly. He makes it fun to learn yet makes sure disciplines are followed. Constant motivation and support. It also boosts overall confidence. The training makes my everyday much more productive.

  • Round Table school management

    knowledge & techniques imparted by you has been positively received by our students.
    We believe this will help our children who are from the surroundings of Roopena Agrahara. They will make best use of it as they are under constant threat  and abuse from their surroundings. We Thank you once again for the time and knowledge shared with our students.

    Round Table school management

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11 National Medals
18 Club | State | Other Medals
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